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O Alojamento

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Farm with private pool in Vila do Conde

The accommodation will have at your disposal bed sheets, bath and pool towels, the kitchen and dining room are 100% equipped.

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How to get to the accommodation?

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Address:  Rua Rio Este 80 | 4480-579 Vila do Conde
GPS coordinates:  41.371094, -8.696547

Como chegar

Useful information

Customer Support
+351 221 450 772 (09:00 - 00:30)

Police  +351 252 640 710

Firemen  +351 252 640 600

Medical emergency  112

Trofa Health Hospital  (6 km)
Rua da Mata | 4480-565 Touguinhó  +351 252 097 700

Pharmacy  (1.7 km)
Av. Comendador João Rebelo de Carvalho 134 | 4480-325 Junqueira +351 252 651 063

Antunes Market  (1.3 km)
489 Central Street | 4480-269 Junqueira +351 912 241 171

Bakery  (0.8 km)
Rua Rio Este 800 | 4480-579 Touguinhó  +351 252 099 722

Restaurant Casa d'Aldeia  (1.3 km)
TV São Simão 4 | 4480-237 Junqueira +351 252 657 203

Povoa de Varzim  ( 7.5 km)

Vila do Conde  (6.5 km)


Check in?

Check-in for this accommodation is done in Express Check-in mode. Please follow the following instructions:

  • When you are at the gate of the accommodation, on your right side, you will find an access control. Dial code 3347#

  • The controller light will turn green and then open the door

  • After entering, on your right side, you will find a safe, hanging on the wall.

  • Dial code 3347 , pull the black button down and open the safe

  • Remove keys and controls

NOTE: The keys are related to the two main doors of the Accommodation. The controls are for opening the main gate and garage. Both commands open the two gates.

See the explanatory video:

cofre 57.PNG


Check-out of this accommodation takes place until 10 am, in the same way as check-in. Please follow the instructions below:​

  • Check that the windows and the apartment door are closed;

  • Go to the garage, at place number 57;

  • Enter code 3548 into the small safe, press the black button down, open the safe and put all the keys you have been given into the safe;

  • Close the safe and enter a random number combination so that the safe is locked.

Exit the Garage:

  • Next to the gate you will find a button, on a pillar on your left side;

  • Press the button and the gate will open.


🍴 Where to eat

⭐ Portuguesia
    Rua do Lidador 128 | 4480-791 Vila do Conde  +351 252 613 315

⭐ Casa d'Aldeia
    TV São Simão 4 | 4480-237 Junqueira +351 252 657 203

⭐ Pubblik
     Republic Square 45 | 4480-715 Vila do Conde  +351 917 872 524

⭐ Bastardos
    Largo da Roda 21 | 4480-754 Vila do Conde  +351 913 186 111

⭐ Praça Velha
    Largo Antero de Quental 33 | 4480-701 Vila do Conde  +351 252 612 121

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Onde comer

🎡 What to visit...

⭐ Azurara Adventure Park
     Combine a taste for nature with the excitement of extreme sports

⭐ Church and Convent of Santa Clara
     Fundamental temple of Portuguese Gothic, built in 1318

⭐ Mindelo Beach
     One of the most famous beaches in northern Portugal

⭐ Bagunte City
     Visit one of the great settlements of Castreja Culture in the Iberian Peninsula

⭐ Nau 16th century
     Meet the crew and quarters of these sailors

⭐ Bobbin Lace Museum
     Knowing the past and preparing the future with the tradition of Bobbin Lace

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