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⚜ Alentejo getaway: Évora and the treasures of Redondo

Weekend in Alentejo: Explore the historic center of Évora and the treasures of Redondo

Capital of the south-central region, Évora is one of the most sought after cities in Portugal by travelers looking for the Temple of Diana and the Capela dos Ossos.

Is this the Temple of Diana?

Over 2000 years old, it is known as the Temple of Diana by many travelers and residents. Due to a legend created in the 17th century, the inhabitants associated this monument with the Roman goddess of hunting and, even today, we can hear this story in the streets...

However, history reveals that the Roman Temple of Évora was erected in honor of the Emperor Augustus, who was venerated at the time as a god. It was modified in the two centuries that followed and, in the fifth century, the invasion of the barbarian peoples tried to its destruction.

This monument, which dates from the 1st century, contributed to the inclusion of Évora in the UNESCO World Heritage list and its ruins are considered the best preserved Roman ruins on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Diana Garden, right next to the temple, is a good place to sit and admire the ruins and also worth a visit, you will find the Cathedral of Évora, the Museum of Évora, the Center for Art and Culture Eugénio de Almeida e Paço of Saint Michael.

On the other side of the city, we arrive at one of Évora's most famous attractions - Capela dos Ossos.

Human bones covering every square inch of the chapel, from floor to ceiling. It is said that during the 16th century, Évora's cemeteries were so overcrowded that there was no space to bury the bodies. To free up space, the city exhumed about 5,000 bodies, which were arranged and displayed inside the Chapel.

The village of Redondo

According to popular tradition, the foundation of the town of Redondo is linked to the legendary title of "Penedo Redondo", a rock that existed in the original medieval wall.

Once, it was a mandatory stopover point for travelers from Évora, Vila Viçosa and Alandroal. Following the old custom, the best recommendation is to go on Sunday and enjoy the wines, oils, honey and sausages.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Military Fence built by King D. Dinis, classified as a National Monument and later as a Special Protection Area; the Castle of Redondo; the Serra D’Ossa Summit Viewpoint; the Redondo Regional Wine Museum and the Clay Museum.

In summer, the “Ruas Floridas” take on a new lease of life. A 19th-century tradition that the locals keep alive today, decorating the village's streets with thousands of flowers made of colored paper.


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